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Why Insulate in Prince George?

Why insulate? Prince George, Quesnel, Vanderhoof, Mackenzie, and indeed most of BC and Canada, experience a broad range of temperatures. It can get up to 35°C in the summer and go all the way down to -50°C in the winter in our area of the province, and keeping comfortable in your home or place of work is an important part of staying healthy during those temperature shifts. The advantage of insulation is that it keeps buildings both warm and cool. The nature of heat is that it rushes into cool spaces, so insulation not only slows heat from exiting your home when it’s cold, but it will also slow heat from entering your home in the summer. This reduces the need for other heating and cooling appliances and also can reduce energy costs accrued because of excessive heating or air conditioing. With all these benefits, why not insulate your home or business?

Contact us today to keep your home insulated! We use only C.M.H.C. approved materials, and all our work and materials are conditionally guaranteed.

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